We are Bill & Dawn Crites and we are located in Blythewood, SC.  We have been owned by our beloved Boykin Spaniels since 1991 when we got our first Boykin Maggie Belle.  When Maggie passed away in 2000 we were blessed to be selected to get a pup that we named Lily.  Lily was the love of our lives and we do all that we do to honor her memory and continue her legacy. We currently have four little girl-kins, Piper, Story, Ever & Rumor,  one little Boy-kin, Hal, and one female English Setter, Maizey.  Piper Anne is the daughter of Lily. Our wish was to keep a piece of Lily with each generation.   Story, Ever & Hal are all Piper Anne's "babies" and Rumor is Story's "baby".   All of our "kids" are inside dogs, are hunted and participate in field trials and hunt tests.   Bill has served on the Board of Directors of Midlands HRC, the Boykin Spaniel Society and the Boykin Spaniel Foundation.  He has also chaired the BSS Retriever & Upland National Championships since 2004.   Dawn served as secretary of the Carolina Boykin Spaniel Retriever Club from 2002-2012 and has worked for the Boykin Spaniel Society since 2012.    Bill and Dawn both help with the CBSRC’s HRC hunt test held yearly usually in May.   Bill has served as judge and chairman of HRC events and and Dawn has served as HRC secretary/treasurer.     We are both dedicated to the Boykin Spaniel breed, to The Boykin Spaniel Society, The Boykin Spaniel Foundation and the regional Boykin spaniel clubs that serve the brown dog community and help educate the public and better our Boykin spaniel breed.   Our Boykins excel at upland hunting,  it is what they were bred to do and they love it.  They also enjoy dove and duck hunting.  We have traveled throughout the Southeast and the Midwest so that the girls have every opportunity to do what they were meant to do, hunt. Our wish for each of our wee little babies is to be loved and cherished and to be that one in a lifetime companionable gun dog.   

Boykin Spaniels for the heart, field and home


              Lily                           Piper Anne                                Story

Lily Pad Boykins

         Ever                                    Hal                                   Rumor

Story's litter 2012 in the swimming pool

Home of Lily, Piper Anne, Story, Ever, Hal, Rumor  and Branch

                Lily Pad Boykins

Branch .