We have an occasional litter of puppies that we place with very select homes and families. Our puppies are raised inside with us getting used to the sounds and smells of daily life. Dawn sleeps with them for the first week of their lives to ensure their safety. They go to the office daily with Dawn so they get used to a car ride and are loved and socialized by visitors that stop by. All of our dogs are cared for by Dr. Patrick Wylie at Wateree Animal Hospital in Camden, SC 803-432-9084.  All of our puppies are from OFA hip rated, Eye certified,  Heart Certified, EIC DNA tested,  DM DNA tested, CEA tested and OFA Patella rated parents.  We are very particular about where our babies are placed.  All of the families who have a pup from us become our family.    We feel we are responsible for any puppy that is born from our decision to breed our Lily Pad those years ago. We keep in touch with every puppy that has been born from Lily or Lily’s offspring.   We feel a lifetime commitment to all of our pups and their families.  All of our puppies are registered with the Boykin Spaniel Society (BSS) which is the original and official registry of the Boykin spaniel www.boykinspaniel.org and all are registered with a limited privilege (LP) designation for health and breeding purposes. 



Lily Pad Boykins

Our Friends at 3 & 20 kennels got one of our Story/ Fripp puppies. They named her Secret and she has gone on to do great things and is a very talented dog.  They have bred Secret for the second time and expect puppies in July of 2018.  You might want to call them to get on a list for this litter.  ••REPEAT BREEDING••

3 & 20 Kennel is pleased to announce a litter due mid July! We are a Boykin Spaniel Society® Silver Level Preferred Breeder.

SHR A Story of Lily’s Secret Dream (Secret) X Hollow Creek’s Charlie Snider (Charlie)

Both Charlie and Secret have strong drive, yet are very sweet natured. They both love their “job”, but also love relaxing around the house. Secret received professional training from Blaine Tarnecki. Charlie trained with DeVon Ruth. Hunting homes desired but not required. We require prospective buyers to complete a pre-screening survey.

Secret's Health Clearances:
Hips- BY-2447G28F-VPI - Good
Eyes: BY-EYE644/371F-VPI - Normal
Heart: BY-CA1005/21F/P-VPI - Normal
EIC: Clear (PPG documentation on hand)
CEA: CEA67/15F-VPI-CAR - Carrier
DM: By-DM69/15F-VPI - Clear
Patella: BY-PA327/28F/P-VPI - Normal

Charlie's Health Clearances (CHIC # 94173):
Hips: BY-2100G24M-VPI - Good
Eyes: BY-EYE9/19M-VPI - Normal
Heart: BY-CA746/24M/P-VPI – Normal
Patella: BY-PA174/30M/P-VPI - Normal
EIC: BY-EIC57/21M-VPI - Clear
CEA: Clear (PPG documentation on hand) - Clear
DM: Clear (PPG documentation on hand) – Clear

We plan to perform DNA testing on the litter. The results will be transferrable to the new owners and DNA will be on file with Paw Prints Genetics for future testing if needed.

Pups will be $1500.00. A $500.00 deposit is required to secure a pup.

Call or email with any questions!